Best Bench Grinders Brands

For the craftiest of us, bench grinders have the advantage of pursuing operations that are crucial to both heavy-duty and DIY projects. While it is not the tool you use on a daily basis, a bench grinder serves on the most versatile of projects.

When it comes to purchasing yourself a grinding machine, there are quite a few considerations to take into account, however, primary are its durability and performance success. To help you out in the decision-making process, we’ve established a list of brands that put out the best bench grinders on functional and structural levels alike.

What operations can you do with bench grinders?
One use of Craftsman bench grinders is sharpening all sorts of materials from steel to aluminum. While the spectrum is quite large, you have to take some precautions to perform your job safely. For instance, you shouldn’t use the same grinding stone, let’s say for hard-duty materials, on lighter ones.

Another common application of these machines is cutting wood and other harsh surfaces. However, the list of possible operations goes on. You could add up buffing, removing rust, and polishing.

One important consideration goes to settling what do you want to pursue since selecting the right wheel is crucial to proper operation.

Top bench grinders brands
1. Craftsman
With almost a century of activity, Craftsman is one of the tool manufacturing brands that stood the test of time. What we find distinctive in the Craftsman electric bench grinder is its versatile performance. For the ones of us who work on a wide variety of projects, a multifaceted machine is what we need. Its all-roundness is given by the 36 grit, respectively 60 grit wheels the grinder comes with, which allow operations on both light and hard materials.

2. Wen
Wen’s tool range spans from saws and drills to nailers, sanders, rotary tools, and many more. With a history of decades, the brand had enough time to perfect its products, and one of our favorites is Wen’s 5-Amp bench grinder which works best on hard duty projects. Since craftsmen need a sturdy machine to accompany them on the job, resistance to the most difficult of plans is a must. Wen provides with their bench grinder an 80 grit and 30 grit wheels and adjustment of speed for better operation.

3. Jet
Jet is renowned for manufacturing heavy-duty industrial use machines and tools. They earned their success by providing sturdy and enduring instruments. Jet 8-inch bench grinder is devised to withstand a mind-stuttering amount of grinding, sharpening, and smoothing projects. Some of the features the machine displays are sealed bearing for low-maintenance grinding, a toggle switch with safety key, and adjustable tool rest for an accurate position.

4. Dewalt
Few are the households that don’t nest a Dewalt tool of any sort. With competitive prices and durable products, Dewalt has become in the past decades one of the giants of tool manufacturing. The brand’s 8-inch bench grinder comes with a 3/4 hp induction motor suitable for industrial use and heavy materials. What’s more, with rugged cast iron and a precision-machined aluminum tool rest, the bench grinder is both durable and provides accurate operation facilities.

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